Authenticity Guaranteed! are certified retailers of Geo Medical in Europe. Our Certification ensures your safety. In fact, we can guarantee that you are getting authentic GEO lenses when you shop from us, which gives you a security in a market flooded with cheap copies. All our lenses come with an authenticitycode so that you easily can check your lenses.

1. Find the GEO-sticker on your products from GEO Medical and get your unique authenticitycode. Press on the sticker below and follow the instructions.

2. Type in your unique code (serial number) and verify the code (be sure to use capital letters, spaces, and make sure to use the right numbers and letters), then click the "Anti-Fake" button. Below is a screenshot of how it looks if you have received genuine lenses from GEO Medical.

3. The second time you type in your unique real code, then it will look like the screenshot below.

4. Below is an example of how it looks with a fake code. Then please contact us.