What does BC stand for?

BC stands for the base curve (Base Curve) and the curve of the contact lens inside surface measured in millimeters. The higher this value is, the flatter and looser sits the lens on the eye. These values are usually between 8.0- 9.0 mm for soft lenses. The most common value of contact lenses is 8.6. To get to know your base curve, you should have an eye examination by an optician.

What does DIA stand for?

DIA stands for Diameter and measure the lens diameter (across the lens) in millimeters. For more enlargment effect a higher diameter is to recommend

What does CT stand for?

CT stands for Center Thickness and describes the lens center thickness in relation to the power of the lens.

What does liquid content stand for?

Liquid water content indicates the waterpercentage of a soft contact lens. Generally it is so, that the higher the liquid content of a contact lens is, the better the oxygen permeability the lensmaterial have. Contact lenses with high water content and a good oxygen permeability is recommended for prolonged use. If you have very dry eyes there can be problems with contact lenses that have a high water content, because they suck up the eye's natural fluid reservoir (tears) as a "sponge". If you have dry eyes, it is better to choose a lens with a lower moisture content or with high water binding capacity for prolonged use.

What material are lenses made of?

The lenses are made from polymacon/ polyhema and water.

Are circlelenses dangerous to use?

No, circle lenses from controlled and certified lens manufacturers are not dangerous to use but please continue reading in order to get the whole truth about the myth that circlelenses are dangerous to use.Contactlenses, coloured lenses and circle lenses are popular all over the world. We are often asked about whether circlelenses are dangerous or not to use. On the web there are a couple of pictures with shocking examples of how things can go really wrong if you do not wear and take care of the lenses properly, or if you buy fake lenses. Importantly, this problem applies both on classic contact lenses, colored lenses and circle lenses (with or without power).Even though it is perfectly safe to wear circle lenses from approved manufacturers, there are unfortunately a number of lens factories that falsifies some of the top brands available on the market. There are observations of fake lenses that in fact are dangerous to use due to defects in manufacturing. The problem arise  especially during the dyeing process of the lens where the manufacturer ignore some critical steps for economical reasons, with the result of pigments that are not approved for this purpose can come into direct contact with the eyes which can result in serious eye diseases.Your eyes are precious and we advise you to be careful and to replace your contact lenses frequently (3-6 months). To ensure that the products sold are manufactured in accordance with current requirements and to ensure the highest quality, there are different kinds of certifications and labels for the purpose.All our suppliers of lenses are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), KFDA or GMP, ensuring accurate manufacturing and the medical quality of the products that we sell in accordance with existing regulations. For example, you can buy cheap contact lenses on Ebay but remember that you expose yourself to great health risk if you get fake lenses. Be sure that you are buying authentic lenses. Always be careful with your choice of circle lenses so you do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks. Please read our "Wear & Care" guide for more information on how to take care of your lenses.

Can the lens slip in behind the eye?

No, the lens can not get behind the eye in the eye socket. A lens is thin, but there is no gap between the eye and the eye socket, so it is impossible that the lens would end up behind the eye.

Can the lens intergrow with the eye?

No, the lens cannot intergrow with the eye. Lenses used for a long time, can however dry out a bit if they are not removed or treated with contact lens solution and therefore they can be difficult to take out or feel uncomfortable.

Are your products authentic and how can you guarantee the authenticity?

Your health is very important to us. Our customers' health is our security for us to be able to continue providing all the beautiful lenses to our customers. All our suppliers of lenses are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), KFDA or GMP, ensuring accurate manufacturing and the medical quality of the products that we sell in accordance with existing regulations. With our position as a safe and secure retailer of circlelenses, we strive together with a number of lens companies to prevent fake lenses from reaching the market. In cooperation with Geo Medical, and as their certified retailer we can also ensure the authenticity of every single sold lens. Since 2009, all Geo Medical's lensvials got equipped with a unique authentication sticker-code that makes it easy for our customers to quick and easy verify the authenticity of the ordered lenses from us at Cirkellinser.net. Check your lenses authenticity by enter your code in the selected field at Geo Medical's own Authenticity page. (Http://www.fw1860.com/en/)

Can I wear contactlenses when it's freezing cold outside?

Yes, it is not dangerous and your lenses can not freeze to your eyes even when it's really cold outside. Because your eyes warms up the lens so there is no need to worry when you are out in the freezing cold winter. The lenses are not likely to freeze in the mailbox either, even if you order lenses when it's freezing outside because of the solution the lenses are stored in.If it would happen anyway, the lenses will regain their natural softnesss within minutes at room temperature. Generally in the winter, the air becomes drier and many people experience problems with dry eyes, both lenswearers and non-lenswearers experience discomfort of the dry air. If so, comfort drops can be a temporary solution. Also reducing the number of hours of lenswearing during the winter can be helpful.

How can you see if the lens is upside down?

Gently squeeze the lens between your thumb and forefinger. If the lens is facing the right way so turning the lens edges against each other. If the lens is facing the wrong direction so settles edges of the lens toward the fingertips. A reversed lens moves more on the eye and can chafe or give poorer visual acuity. When the lens is right side up, and you have it on your index finger so it resembles a bowl. If the lens is inverted so it's more a plate can say.

Can circlelenses affect my eyesight?

Some lens designs can affect the vision on the outside of the sight which can become a little blurred. It is uncommon but can occur in some situations. Some lens designs that have powerful colors all the way toward the center of the lens may in some rare cases affect the vision temporarily. But after a little while, the vision will improve when the eye adapts and gets used to the new lens. Contact us at support@circlelenseseurope.com for help if it does not get better.

Can I use tap water to clean my lenses?

No. There are a lot of bacteria in all tap water and these can cause severe infections of the eye. The same applies to saliva. You may only clean your lenses with lens solution that is customized for the purpose. This can be purchased at the pharmacy or at your Optician.

Which lens solution should I use?

There are several different types of cleaning solutions. The most common variety is called Multi-Purpose Solution and is an all-in-one lens solution which you can read more about here below. We at CirclelensesEurope.com advise all our customers to consult with his/hers optometrist to select a suitable lens solution. Here you get some information about the most common contactlens solutions.

Which lens solution should I use in my circle lenses?
There are several different types of cleaning solutions. The most common sort is called Multi-Purpose Solution and is an all-in-one lens solution which you can read more about here. We at CirclelensesEurope.com advise all our customers to consult their optometrist in selecting a suitable lens solution for their need. Here you get some information about the most common lens solutions on the market and how they works.

All-in-one lens solution (Multi-Purpose Solution)
This is the most common and most used lens solution today. Since it both cleans, disinfects and functions as a storage fluid. Because of the fsct that no other solution is necessary it is simply one of the most preffered lens-solution available. Nowadays this lens solution also contains active substances that keep your lenses moist throughout the day.

Hydrogen peroxide-based solutions
If you have sensitive eyes and do not tolerate preservatives that some multi-purpose liquids contains, this is an option for you. The cleaning process with this liquid is a bit more advanced and usually requires a bit more by the user because of the cleaningprocess. It cleans the lenses through a chemical process which requires a few hours before the liquid is neutralized and you are ready to use the lenses again. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

This fluid is only used to wash and rinse your lenses before insertion into the eye and does not have the same ability to clean the lenses appropriate as the multi-purpose or hydrogen peroxide-based lens fluids have.

This is a contact lens solution that helps to remove protein deposits from the lens and is used daily for cleaning the lens. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

Comfort Drops
If your eyes easily gets dry when you are wearing contact lenses, there's a quick and easy solution. There are so-called comfort drops / tear substitute available in many different varieties. The drops are used to relieve the symptoms of dry eye but will not solve the actual cause of the dryness problem. There are two different kinds of eye drops to relieve symptoms of dry eyes, one is for eyes without lenses and the other is for lens wearers. Be sure to use the one suited for your purpose. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.


Can I use the same lens-solution several times?

No. The used lens-solution has become contaminated by deposits from the lenses and are also affected by the oxygen in the air. This means that a used lens-solution loses its ability to disinfect.

Do I have to wash the lenses before I use them the first time?

When you receive your lenses, you should first put them in your contactlens-solution for at least 8 hours. Also remember to rinse your lenscase at least twice with lens-solution before using it with your new lenses. Never rinse out a lens case with tap water.

Can me and my friend using the same pair of lenses?

No. You should never share lenses with each other. Everyone has different bacterial flora of the mucous membranes, and if you share lenses with each other you risk causing infections in each other eyes.

How long can I use my lenses?

When the lenspackage is broken the lenses usually have a durability of about a year. This is calculated on a more infrequent use of lenses. So if you choose to use your lenses daily for 6-8 hours, we highly recommend that you replacing your lenses after about 3-6 months. You can notice that a lens is getting worn when it becomes less comfortable and you feel dry in the eyes quicker than normal. Even if you dont use your lenses very often, they count as used after a year.

Will the circle lenses colors fade with time?

No, Coloured lenses from world class manufacturer as Geo Medical and EOS will not fade with time.Quality Lenses from approved manufacturers are produced by a very strict process and the lens is built up of three layers where the dyeing process (with approved colors) occurs in the middle layer. This process ensures the safety and longevity of color as opposed to non-approved manufacturer that sometimes only uses 2 layers in the manufacturing process to minimize the cost. When constructing the lens with only two layers will cause the colorpigment will always be in direct contact with the eyes which is a potential health risk. Therefore, it is very important to choose controlled lensbrands that uses the "sandwich printing-technique" when dyeing and manufacturing the lenses.

My new lenses have a slightly lighter or darker shade of color than my last, I ordered the same color and design, why is it so?

When the lens manufacturers produce a serie such as Geo Angel "Blue", all lenses from that same production is a part of what is called a "Batch" (a lot). Each lens in each batch will always be identical in color and form. When the lens manufacturer needs to produce more of the same serie, all the new lenses are included in a new batch. Only the hue between different batches may differ, but the lensdesign and the pattern is always the same.

How long can I use my lens case?

Your lens case also has a consumption period. A lens case should be replaced with a new one after about 3 months of use. A dirty lens case can cause eye complications such as infections of the cornea. Never rinse out a lens case with tap water.

Do you sell Toric lenses? (for astigmatism)

Astigmatism is a type of refractive error in the eye lens or the cornea. Astigmatism can affect vision and the focus can become blurred in certain situations. To determine whether you have astigmatism, you need to go to an optician for an eye examination. Astigmatism can often be corrected with glasses or contact lenses (so-called Toric lenses). There is currently only a limited selection of Toric circle lenses on the market to correct astigmatism and because of the higher production cost, Toric circle lenses are more expensive than common circle lenses. For the moment Circlelenseseurope.com do not sell Toric lenses.

Do you sell prescription circle lenses? Circle lenses with Power?

No, at the moment we only have circle lenses without power so-called "Plano" with Power (0.00) available.

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How can I order from your shop?

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Contact us by email at support@circlelenseseurope.com and we will check how far your order has come in the process. If your order has not already been sent, we can easily cancel your order. If the order has already been sent, you can return the products by sending it back in an unopened package to us. Repayment within 30 days from the date we received the goods unused and intact in the original packaging. Please contact our customer service at support@circlelenseseurope.com if you have any questions.

How does your orderconfirmation works?

Once you have placed your order at CirclelensesEurope.com a confirmation will be sent immediately to your email address. This confirmation works as a receipt and is your guarantee that your order has been received into our system. Therefore, it is important that you provide your correct email address in your order. If you do not receive an order confirmation from us after you have placed an order, please contact us at order@circlelenseseurope.com.

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I can not make an order from your shop, why?

First make sure that you have filled in all the information required in the orderform and that the product / s are in stock. Also check that you have met all requirements needed for your chosen payment method. Make sure that your credit card is set up to allow transactions over the internet. If it still does not work, we ask you to send an email to our support team at support@circlelenseseurope.com and we will help you.

Payment Questions

The Bank does not accept my payment although I have money in my account, why?

Keep in mind that your card must be open for purchases online. For securityreasons many banks offer their customers the ability to open and close their cards for purchases on the internet. Make sure that your credit card is open for online purchases.

What is included in the price of the products?

Prices include VAT. Important! Shipping fee not included. Shipping fee within Europe (3 €).

Is the price for one lens?

No. All prices quoted are for two lenses (one pair) except for our Crazy/Cosplay contact lenses where you get to choose one or two lenses when placing an order, but the prices stated in the productlist refers to the price of one pair of Crazy/Cosplay lenses. This is because many want different eye color to their costumes, and to make it easier for you we have that opportunity for the categoriy Crazy/Cosplay. Choose one lens and the price will be the half. If you would like to order only one lens from one of our other categories, please contact us at support@circlelenseseurope.com and we will fix that for you.

How does my discount code / voucher work?

If you have received a voucher from CirclelensesEurope.com, enter your code in the checkout and press update. You get instant feedback on whether your code is valid or not and the balance in your basket will be updated. If your code is not valid, first check if the discount only applies to certain selected products. Otherwise contact us at support@circlelenseseurope.com.

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What are the shipping costs?

All orders will be added 3 € shipping fee for delivery within Europe. For shipping to other countries please contact us at support@circlelenseseurope.com.

When can I expect my shipment?

Orders that are placed before 2:00 PM are shipped the same day. We will send your order via first class mail and your package will be delivered to your mailbox. We pack the shipments as flat as possible so the package will fit your mailbox. If the item is too large to fit in the mailbox, you will receive a notice from the nearest postal delivery point. The standard delivery time is 3-7 business days (within Europe) after an order is placed. CirclelensesEurope.com are not responsible for any delays caused by the Post.

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If I want to return a product, what do I do?

Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction. If, for whatever reason, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return it to CirclelensesEurope.com within 30 days of purchase. You must return the item in an unbroken package and undamaged condition, in original package. You are responsible for the return shipping fees. Once we have received and inspect the product/s we will credit your account within 30 days. Please contact our customer service at support@circlelenseseurope.com if you have any questions or if you would like to return your product/s.

If I want to make a complaint, how do I do?

CirclelensesEurope.com follows the Consumer sales act and its recommendations relating to complaints. Only original fault are covered by the warranty, for example, the warranty does not cover errors caused by normal wear and tear. Save the order confirmation receipt for your goods. Contact our customer service via email at support@circlelenseseurope.com.

My package was damaged on delivery, what do I do?

Please contact our customer service via email at support@circlelenseseurope.com.

Other questions

What are the opening hours at CirclelensesEurope.com?

You can reach our customer service every day (weekdays and weekends) between 7-19 by e-mail at support@circlelenseseurope.com.

Do you have a shop I can visit, except your shop online?

No, for the moment we do not have a physical shop.