Lens Info

Our lenses are for cosmetic use only. The lenses are designed to make your natural eye color look more similar to the color of the contact lens. The center of the lens is transparent so the vision is not affected. The color result with these lenses depends in some extent on your own natural eye color and therefore we can not guarantee the exact same results as in the pictures on this website.

Each lens comes in a single pack and have a durability of at least one year (see stamp on your product). After the seal is broken the lens has a lifespan of approximately 12 months when the lenses are used occasionally. With daily use (6-8 hours a day) we recommend you to dispose your lenses within 3-6 months and get a new pair of circle lenses. For how long you can use the lenses also depends on the moisture content in the lens and how dry eyes you have, what environment you are in and such things. It is recommended that you carry a small bottle of eye drops to moisturize the eyes if needed.

We recommend all our customers to contact their professional optometrist before purchase. Also note that you should never share lenses with others. If you feel pain or discomfort, remove the lens immediately. Contact your optometrist or an ophthalmologist if there are any problems with your lenses or eye. It is important to have a good hygiene and cleaning the lenses frequently so that any protein deposits and other debris are washed away. See our separate page about Wear and Care instructions for more info. Always follow your optometrist / eye doctor's recommendation. If you experience problems with your eyes, you should immediately discontinue your lens wearing and consult your optometrist / ophthalmologist.

We at CirclelensesEurope.com encourage you to think about some things in order to choose a lens that you think suits your requirements best.

1. How big do you want your eyes to look?
The Diameter (DIA) is a measure of the size of the lens in millimeters. A lens with a larger size gives an effect of larger eyes. The black or dark colored ring in the outer part of the lens, the lumbalring, creates the enlarging effect you are looking for. Therefore, circlelenses with a normal diameter around 14.2-14.5mm will still have an enlargement effect because of the lumbalring design.

2. How natural do you want your eyes to look?
If you want a lens that looks natural you should choose a lens with a smooth color and less sharp lumbalring. Choose a lens color that resemble your natural eye color that suits it. For a nice effect, you can use lenses that have yellowish spots around the pupil, this helps your eye color to blend well with the lens and is especially good for those with brown eyes. For people with light eyes we can recommend lenses that contains gray, blue, green and violet colors which will give a good mixing effect with the natural eyecolor. Some of our lensdesigns have very vivid and opaque colors that will cover your natural eyecolor regardless your natural eye color, while other designs have more translucent colors which blends in with your natural eyecolor. Check out the description on each lensdesign in the shop for what effect you can expect.

3. How intense do you want your eyes to look?
If you want to have very strong and intense eyes, choose a lens that has clear and strong colors. A strong color creates a dramatic expression that draws attention to your eyes. Lenses that have sharp colors rarely look completely natural, but on the other hand they makes your eyes sparkle!

NOTE! Do not assume that you get exactly the same color as the colors that appear on the images. Our colored lenses produce different results depending on your eye's natural color and therefore we can not guarantee what effect you will get.