Lens Solution (facts)

Which lens solution should I use for my circle lenses?
There are several different types of cleaning solutions. The most common sort is called Multi-Purpose Solution and is an all-in-one lens solution which you can read more about here. We at CirclelensesEurope.com advise all our customers to consult their optometrist in selecting a suitable lens solution for their need. Here you get some information about the most common lens solutions on the market and how they works.

All-in-one lens solution (Multi-Purpose Solution)
This is the most common and most used lens solution today. Since it both cleans, disinfects and functions as a storage fluid. Because of the fsct that no other solution is necessary it is simply one of the most preffered lens-solution available. Nowadays this lens solution also contains active substances that keep your lenses moist throughout the day.

Hydrogen peroxide-based solutions
If you have sensitive eyes and do not tolerate preservatives that some multi-purpose liquids contains, this is an option for you. The cleaning process with this liquid is a bit more advanced and usually requires a bit more by the user because of the cleaningprocess. It cleans the lenses through a chemical process which requires a few hours before the liquid is neutralized and you are ready to use the lenses again. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

This fluid is only used to wash and rinse your lenses before insertion into the eye and does not have the same ability to clean the lenses appropriate as the multi-purpose or hydrogen peroxide-based lens fluids have.

This is a contact lens solution that helps to remove protein deposits from the lens and is used daily for cleaning the lens. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

Comfort Drops
If your eyes easily gets dry when you are wearing contact lenses, there's a quick and easy solution. There are so-called comfort drops / tear substitute available in many different varieties. The drops are used to relieve the symptoms of dry eye but will not solve the actual cause of the dryness problem. There are two different kinds of eye drops to relieve symptoms of dry eyes, one is for eyes without lenses and the other is for lens wearers. Be sure to use the one suited for your purpose. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully.