What is Circle Lenses?

Which Look Defines You?

Which Look Defines You?

Circle lenses are cosmetic contact lenses that create different more or less prominent effects of your eyes. Circle lenses is common referred to as Dollyeyes and are best known for cosmetically create enhancing effects and they works just like normal contacts and should be taken care of in the same way as common lenses. When it comes to the design of the circle lens we can all agree on the differences. Circle lenses are usually designed with a distinct circle at the outer part of the lens. Some people already have a clear circle around the iris and is called the "lumbalring". It is precisely that circle in the natural eye that circle lenses from the beginning tried to mimic in the design. In fact, the first circle lenses was simply designed with a circle and the diameter was not much larger than the size that ordinary contact lenses already had.

Circle lenses are originally from South Korea, and started to show up on the market in the early 2000´s. The popularity grew rapidly in Asia when Pop stars within the genre K-POP started using circle lenses. At the same time circle lenses began to appear more frequently in the movies and in advertising and commercials for make-up. The Japanese market noticed circle lenses in an early stage and lots of Cosplayers started to use them as a complement to their costums. Soon more designs where developed, the diameter (DIA) expanded, the lenses became bigger and more vivid and colourful pattern was introduced in the designs of the lenses. Todays circle lenses is a lens with the design of a limbusring and often with a slightly larger diameter (DIA) than the natural eye has and the variety of designs is constantly growing...

The Eye Make-up
Today, we can see that the circle lens has dramatically changed from simply having a black or brown ring around the lens to today's incredibly colorful and beautiful patterned designs that we are now marketing. Circle lenses is today a fast growing fashion trend worldwide. It has become a very popular product and the circle lens today is a still growing trend that many people uses as the ultimate makeup for their eyes. We at Cirkellinser.net can offer you lots of fabulously, dreamy beautiful and cute lens designs with lots of different options. Choose between lenses with a more natural look or choose from designs with bright and vivid color combinations and intense patterns or buy a pair of Crazy/Cosplay lenses with special effects!

Your New Lenses
When you start using circle lenses you will be part of a rapidly growing fashion trend. At any time, you can change your appearance in such an infinite number of ways that it is only your imagination that sets the limits. Our slogan: Which Look Defines You?, refers to the ability we give you to quick, easy and affordable change your eyes in hundreds of different and beautiful ways. We can promise you, that you will fall in love with both our circle lenses and with all the possible choices you will have to change your look.

Important! Only use approved Lenses

Contactlenses, coloured lenses and circle lenses are popular all over the world. We are often asked about whether circlelenses are dangerous or not to use. On the web there are a couple of pictures with shocking examples of how things can go really wrong if you do not wear and take care of the lenses properly, or if you buy fake lenses from manufacturers that are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), KFDA or GMP. Importantly, this problem applies both on classic contact lenses, colored lenses and circle lenses (with or without power).

Even though it is perfectly safe to wear circle lenses from approved manufacturers, there are unfortunately a number of lens factories that falsifies some of the top brands available on the market. There are observations of fake lenses that in fact are dangerous to use due to defects in manufacturing. The problem arise especially during the dyeing process of the lens where the manufacturer ignore some critical steps for economical reasons, with the result of pigments that are not approved for this purpose can come into direct contact with the eyes which can result in serious eye diseases. Therefore it is important to choose lenses manufactured through a method called "Sandwich Printing". What is "Sandwich Printing"

Your eyes are precious and we advise you to be careful and to replace your contact lenses frequently (3-6 months) and only buy your lenses that are genuine. For example, you can buy cheap contact lenses on Ebay but remember that you expose yourself to great health risk if you get fake lenses. Be sure that you are buying authentic lenses. Always be careful with your choice of circle lenses so you do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks. All our suppliers of lenses are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), KFDA or GMP, ensuring accurate manufacturing and the medical quality of the products that we sell in accordance with existing regulations. Our suppliers with its products are GMP and ISO 13485 certified, which means an additional quality management system for existing products.

Through our position as a safe and secure retailer of Circle Lenses, we strive together with a number of companies to ensure that false circle lenses will not reach the market. and can guarantee the authenticity for every single sold lens thru the controllsystem of GEO Medical. To check your lenses go to our page of Authenticity Guaranteed and follow the steps. You can also read our Wear & Care guide for more information on how to take care of your lenses to protect both your lenses and your beautiful eyes.