Geo Twin Twilight Hazel YH306

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Photo by: Kim Ventura




This Beautiful lens from Geo Medical "Twin Twilight Hazel YH306" will give your eyes a beautiful brownish caramel look with its twilight pattern. This Geo Twin Series is made with a multi-color mix of brilliant and dynamic tones, which creates beautiful colors to choose between for you. Available in 6 beautiful colors and fits everybody. This is a lens with a strong color and fits both dark and light eyes as well.


Make your eyes POP!

Circle lenses come in a wide variety of models and designs. One of the most wellknown circle lens brand is Geo Medical which have lots and lots of different designs to choose from.
You can always find a pair of lenses that suits your character or your desired or specific style. Create yourself with a pair of new circle lenses so go on and pick your own favourites. Check out ALL our circle lenses Here!


Photo by: Kim Ventura


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