Simon aka Bakasoseji with Geo Nudy Brown

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Hello there! My name is Simon, more known as Bakasoseji

I'm a fashion loving guy from Sweden who enjoy experimenting with different styles, clothes, hats and shoes also, of course, lenses! Big lenses, small lenses, vibrent colors or natural designs. I want to try them all! To me lenses are a huge part of my daily look and outfit, because a pair of circle lenses can be just as important as any other accessories. My choice of circle lens can even be the key point to an outfit, so by changing the lens, I can also change the whole feel of an outfit.                                        

"When I put on a pair of circle lenses it can either be for the sake of highlighting my own eyes, or making an outfit pop, or me entering a character. No matter the reason, I always enjoy wearing circle lenses!"

Another interest and hobby of mine is cosplay. Finding the perfect pair of circle lenses is part of the fun creating a cosplay! I never feel pleased with my cosplay creation unless I use a pair of circle lenses fitting for the character.






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