Geo Xtra Forest Black WTB60 circle lens

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Here you can see one of our beautiful models "Saienti" wearing the lensdesign Geo Xtra Forest Black from Geo Medical. The photograher is the very talented Kim Ventura!

Photo by: Kim Ventura




This is a very comfortable circle lens from the worldclass contactlens brand Geo Medical. The series Xtra "Forest" is a set of lenses that are designed to let your eyes shine and sparkle at all occasions. This lensdesign with a diameter (DIA) of 14.8 mm will enlarge your eyes absolutely wonderful, thats for sure!  

The Secret of big eyes!

The secret behind achieving the adorable look almost everybody are looking for is to choose a pair of circle lenses that widens your eyes iris. Circle lenses have this thick dark colored ring in the outer part of the colored lens that creates the illusion of a bigger eye. Once you put them on you will get the illusion of your eyes getting a little bit bigger - Magical! Cosmetic contact lenses such as circle lenses is a very popular product and its a useful make-up accessory that has thousands and thousands of users already.

Go on and create an illusion of bigger eyes with the simplicity of just wearing a pair of these lenses.


The Magic of Circle lenses!

Circle lenses come in a wide variety of models and designs. One of the most wellknown circle lens brand is Geo Medical which have lots and lots of different designs to choose from.
You can always find a pair of lenses that suits your character or your desired or specific style. Create yourself with a pair of new circle lenses so go on and pick your own favourites. Check out ALL our circle lenses Here!








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