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My name is Addie 

My life consists pretty much of cosplay, makeup and charity work.
I constantly change my hair and explore different styles and fashion. 
My thoughts on circle lenses and makeup is the changing, exciting, challenging change. With makeup and lenses, you can look like anyone, it just requires a little practice on makeup and perfect lenses and you can look like you stepped out of a video game / series or anime. 

"For me, both the makeup and circle lenses are fun parts of everyday life that allows me to be cute one day and the next badass or just make me as similar as possible to the character I cosplay." 

I like many different lenses, they can be colorful, soft or crazy. It depends on whether I should just use it for fashion or for cosplay projects. So I can not say that I have any particular style when choosing lenses.
I like the lenses with enlargement effect to my cosplays since the eyes appear much clearer and especially if the character has a different eye color. But I think the lenses with smaller diameter are perfect if you just want that little extra when you´re not cosplaying.

I think it would be awesome to see Jennifer Lawrence in circle lenses, especially some with a little different color!

So my advice when choosing your first lenses is to take the smaller diameter if you are a beginner, because the larger the lens, the more difficult they are to put in. To insert and remove the lenses takes practice so do not underestimate it. It's faster every time you do it. Another good tip is to be hydrated, then both skin and eyes are doing well out of it. I can personally noticing when I've been drinking too little water that my eyes become drier, and then the use of lenses is not as easy. If you feel you have dry eyes, you can always use eye drops for dry and tired eyes, it helps very much. So do not forget, Drink water and practice to put in and take out your lenses!

Photo by: Christer Gustafsson


Where can you follow me? 

My Instagram account Addie__A and here you can follow all kinds of random stuff from my personal life to cosplay life. 
I have two sites on Facebook, one cosplay account Addie´s Cosplay and another together with my Friend Maja-Stina CosCare, where you can follow our charity work and other duo projects. 

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