Josefin "Catstalkers"

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Josefin (Catstalkers)


Hi! My name is Josefin Vestberg (Catstalkers). I'm a model of Circle lenses Europe because I've always liked to try new things. Makeup is a hobby where you can try out new things each time and experiment a lot. Lenses came in for me as an opportunity to try something new! To be able to change eye color to various outfits and makeup looks were ingenious to me who likes to experiment.

Natural circle lenses
I use mostly natural lenses, natural grey are my fav. My real eye color is light blue, I love my eye color, but the gentle gray color really make my eyes look more alive. I don't use lenses with larger diameter than 14.8 mm, as I said, I like the natural look. The larger the diameter, the greater seems the eyes (depends on the color and style as well).

""An artist I would like to see more of in circle lenses are T.O.P from Bigbang. One of the few that fit in all kinds! "

One tip I have for beginners is to not buy too big lenses at first purchase, although a few millimeters does not seem too much. Trust me, you can see the difference when they are on, then it is also more difficult to insert them if they are too big and you are not used. Take care of your lenses and enjoy your looks!












Photo by: Kim Ventura      









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