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My name is Danny but some may know me as "mermanchild" or former "mrpenguiin" on social medias.

I absolutely love Circle lenses. I mostly use lenses for my cosplays or when I want to make an outstanding makeup. CirclelensesEurope.com is really helping me with that. I have for example used their "Geo "XTRA BUBBLE BROWN" and they really transformed my makeup to something amazing. 
I mostly use lenses like them to get that dolly eyes and the "anime" look. I really prefer using big lenses since that makes my look more extreme.
If you're using lenses for the first time make sure you know what you are doing. Don't force yourself to keep the lens in your eyes longer than you actually want. The first time I used them I had them in for maybe 5 minutes maximum and then took them out. The next time left them in for 10 minutes, and so on. It's really about training your eyes to accept the lenses. But some lenses don't work for everyone, so if you have struggle with a brand, just switch to another! 

"I own around 10 pairs of circle lenses (including sclera lenses) and I mostly use them for cosplay. Having the right color is important to me so I actually bought 3 different pairs of green lenses to find the perfect one. " 

I am a big fan of the singer "Halsey" and I would love to see her wearing a pair of colored lenses! 
To complete my look for female characters I often use false lashes and a lot of makeup. I guess my biggest tip here is to experiment, find what makeup styles that suites you the best, look on youtube for tutorials. Make your own style!
I don't have to struggle to put in my lenses but as mentioned before that's thanks to "training". 
When using circle lenses I get a lot of comments. Some are "you look like a doll" and "you look so creepy", to be honest I take both as a compliment. On conventions I use my lenses for maximum 8 hours in a row. Most of the time I have an alarm on my phone to remind myself to take them out so I don't hurt my eyes!
Using lenses was a big excitement for me, though my parents didn't exactly approve. But I was a rebel and bought two pairs of lenses at a convention. And well ever since then I have used them (and don't worry, my parents accepted it).
This might sound made up but the circle lenses from "CirclelensesEurope.com" are the best lenses I have ever received. 


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