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Hey! I'm ravensss, (INDIGO cosplay)


I've been cosplaying (officially) for 3 years. I make my own cosplays and wigs, but I also buy some of them. I'm still trying to improve with my makeup and everything that has to do with the cosplay package. Makeup can be very hard at first but also seem pretty easy when you get used to it. Circle lenses gives a special effect to both the eyes and face which makes you have an easier choice on how to apply the makeup. When it comes to cosplay, the lenses have a cool and fantastic effect because then you are able to get the closer look to the character you dress up as.

""I use lenses because it makes me feel like I look good, and I enjoy seeing myself looking different"

I use lenses because it makes me feel like I look good, and I enjoy seeing myself looking different. I like the natural ones and with that I mean those lenses that melt with along with the eye color, but also those who make me look "cool" and "interesting"- Like people would just enjoy to stare at me, haha. I only use eyelashes with lenses if I cosplay a female or do a female-like look makeup. The price for the lenses are quite good as they are because it's lenses you buy that you can use for a whole year and are amazingly designed and comfortable. 


Something to think about before using lenses is to check that you do not have any problems with your eyesight and if you do talk to your doctor about it. The lenses needs to be in a lens case and they need to be washed, and change the lens liquid before and after using them so you don't risk any infection. Lenses can also dry out, so be careful and check them out if you don't use them often. Always look up the lens review as well!



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