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Photo by: Kim Ventura

My name is Lan, also known as Sserendii on social medias. I mostly use circle lenses during different kinds of conventions. Especially when I'm in cosplay. I love the way circle lenses really make my eyes pop! It's a perfect addition to my look and costumes.  

My favourite colours are grey, green, blue and brown. I usually like when lenses have a diameter of 14.5 or above! "EOS" and "GEO" are some of my absolute favourite brands.  

My favourite kinds of lenses are the ones that have a natural look and colour but still make my eyes appear bigger.

When you first try out circle lenses I recommend going for a smaller diameter, maybe around 14.2mm. I also highly recommend that you don't keep the lenses in for too long! My eyes get irritated quite easily so I try not to wear lenses for more than 8 hours at a time. If possible, you should also go check your eyes professionally. Just to be extra sure that you can wear lenses without damaging your eyes.

I really hope more people can get to know about circle lenses. I'd love to see more famous artists and models wear them. Some artists I'd love to see rock the circle lenses are Halsey and Melanie Martinez! has been a really big help for me. Especially since I live in Sweden as I would much rather buy from a company based in Europe. But also because the price is very reasonable and the shipping is so fast! That's a big relief. Especially before conventions and other events when you don't have the patience or time to wait five week for your lenses to arrive!  

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