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Hi! I'm Levina


I enjoy being creative with fashion, art and makeup as well as watching series and spreading the word about veganism and equal rights as well as I can. I dream to become a fashion designer one day as I’m currently studying textile design. I also wish to travel the world and move to a wonderful big city. But honestly I’m just a girl with big dreams that likes makeup, music and is spending too much time on social media, but that’s fine. And btw I’m also the mermaid queen. Circle lenses have honestly changed my whole makeup look! I’ve adored them since years back when I saw them in japanese/korean fashion magazines and social media and they gave me the chance to complete my look. They immidiately change appearence and it gives you the chance to have a certain look by choosing between colors, patterns and sizes. There’s always a circle lens that fits you and what you wish to highlight in your appearence.

Why do you use circle lenses?
Cus they complete my look and they’re cute!

What type of lenses do you like?
I like enlarging ones with beautiful colors. I like natural colors as well as a non natural eye color! It really depends on what I want at the moment I’m doing my makeup. Right now, black ones are my favourites.

Do you like enlarging lenses 14,5-14,8mm or smaller ?
I like them big! Bigger is really nice, but sometimes a smaller can be pretty for a certain look, but I mostly go for pretty big ones!

Do you have any tips for what to think about when getting your first pair of lenses?
Read about lenses in the guide on the website. Pick a nice pair that you like and make sure to go through the steps before using them and also wash your hands before inserting and removing them from your eyes. And then, well rock them.

Which celebrity would you like to see in circle lenses?
Ariana Grande would look even more adorable I think. Also Rebecca and Fiona!  



I love circle lenses because they can change a whole look in seconds. There is such a big variety of lenses so you can find the pair(s) that you like! I have never in my 3 years of using lenses almost every day never experienced any problems. My eyes are great and I’m really happy with all my lenses I’ve had and have!  


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