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Saienti, pink, princessy and awesomeness!


hi, i am Saienti! a crazy girl who loves everything pink and princessy. my absolute favourite interests are music, makeup, clothing, dolls and dogs. my biggest dream is to write my music and perform worldwide. i have a severe phobia of spiders…
the best things i know are singing and being with dogs!
i LOVE circlelenses. they make such a difference and i absolutely adore what they can do to a look. even if it is a normal look they can really enhance the whole apperance. and if it is a bolder look they just add to the awesomeness!

"i would LOVE to see Allison Harvard in contacts. she is my favourite bean."

Why do I use circle lenses?
Because i love the way they look and i think they really contribute to the looks i am creating.

What kind of circle lenses do you prefer?
i love bold, big enlarging and over the top lenses. sometimes i like them really dark and sometimes really colorful, it depends on the look i am creating. The bigger the better, that is my philosophy! more is more, definitely!

"enjoy being you to the fullest, and there is NO shame in using contacts or false lashes to achieve your own art expression! xx

My tip for beginners
My tip is to start with a smaller diameter. my first contacts were 14.5 mm and that was a great way to start getting used to wearing them. now after years of practice i easily wear 17 mm and even 22 mm! also, when you are new to them; always put them in before you start with your makeup or you can easily get dirt under the contacts which isnt only really uncomfortable but also dangerous for your eye sight. 
Some of my pro tips for a beginner; getting them in usually is the biggest obstacle. but with a couple of hours practice, just with your natural face, a clean towel, a mirror and clean hands, you can put them in and take them out a couple of times just to get the right feel going. when you get comfortable with that you can begin to wear makeup with your contacts. but it is not a good idea to wear makeup when you arent used to the feeling because you might cry and need to take them out and makeup can make that process unnecessary painful if you are a beginner.


A little about makeup and circle lenses

For me, contacts are something i use to enhance an already over the top-look. i love the way they make my eyes look and how unreal i can look. the enlarging effect is my absolute favourite.
My most beloved circlelenses are probably GEO Forest XTRA black and GEO Big Grang Grang Choco.

Something i feel is really important is why we use makeup. i usually get comments about my apperance and the amount of makeup i use to create my face.
i adore makeup, i think it is an art that you can never take too far. there is NO such thing as too much makeup. you wear makeup for you and you ONLY. makeup is supposed to be fun.



Enjoy being you to the fullest, and there is NO shame in using contacts or false lashes to achieve your own art expression! xx


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