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I'm Sofi aka Sessie


I´m a beautyguru on Youtube that love makeup, wigs and lenses. The bigger lenses the better, in my opinion. ;) I really love how you got the power to change your look so easily by just putting on a wig and put in some contacts.
My favourite lenses are the ones that are big and colorful, I love how you look like an anime doll with big beautiful eyes. I love how cheap circlelenses are, because you got the opportunity to buy more.

Want them all
Once you've tried circlelenses it's hard not to want them all. Every time I use circlelenses I get compliments about how beautiful eyes I have. I also want to mention that circle lenses looks the best with a pair of fake eyelashes, just to make the eyes pop and look bigger.





Why do you use circle lenses?

I use contacts because I love to change my looks from day to day. I love how you get to choose how big eyes you want, what color or pattern you want your eyes to be.


What type of lenses do you like?
My favourite lenses are the one who makes your eyes look bigger, but I also love the ones that has colors that we usually don't see.

Do you like enlarging lenses 14,5-14,8mm or smaller ?
Like I mentioned earlier, the bigger the better. But I also like the smaller one's for lazy days.

Do you have any tips for what to think about when getting your first pair of lenses?
If it's the first time you buy contactlenses, my tip would be to choose a color that you have dreamt of having, like me for exampel, my first pair of contacts where blue, just because I always wanted to see how I would look in blue eyes.

Which celebrity would you like to see in circle lenses?
hm.. though questition, all my idols allready uses lenses.. hm.. maybe Ariana Grande with pink eyes, just because she so cute. 








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