Sandwich Printing Technology

Posted by cirkellinser 23/03/2016 0 Comment(s)

What is Sandwich Printing Technology?


High quality colored lenses are manufactured and dyed through a special process which is called "Sandwich Printing". This enhanced technology 100% guarantees your eyes health. No need to worry about the pigment directly contacting your eyes when choosing world class brands such as Geo Medical or EOS. Circle lenses and colored contacts of low quality are often made by using  only 2 layers in the dyeing process for economical reasons and therefore slightly cheaper but with your health at risk. 

All our lenses are made of high quality materials with the most advanced manufacturing processes available. 

Why is this technique so important when manufacturing colored lenses such as circle lenses?

This unique technology protects the eye as the pigments are set between two thin transparent layers of lens material in the dyeing process.
The advantage of this dyeing method are numerous and with pigments encapsulated without direct contact with the eye, the lens surface roughness (unevenness) is not occurring at all and the lens is exceptionally clear and smooth.
The Sandwich printing technology is an important part of this manufacturing chain and for us it is of great importance to providing safe, comfortable and beautiful lenses so that you as one of our valued customer always will feel safe wearing our lenses.

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